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The Chess Café presents tournaments at which each overall experience substantially exceeds that offered by any other organized chess tournament.

Chess can be regarded as a character builder in that it resembles life. You have to face facts, plan, take decisions and learn to accept the consequences of your decisions. Participation in competitive chess is ideal for the development of qualities such as self-control, perseverance and sportsmanship. A select few benefits include:


Critical thinking


Better brain function


Improves memory


Improves concentration

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Our mission

  • To organize chess tournaments in a professional manner, with close attention to detail and timing.
  • To organize chess tournaments at venues which are new, different, exciting and inspiring
  • To grow participation numbers at all levels at all The Chess Café tournaments
  • To create heightened public awareness of the relevance and importance of chess, not only for the world we live in now, but also for the future
  • To assist, through chess, in the upliftment and development of people to reach their full potential, especially in the previously marginalized sectors of the South African society
  • To create opportunities at which the personal needs and ambitions of all stakeholders are met.

In this manner The Chess Café will reach its full potential, whilst helping others to reach their personal dreams.

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League Week 4

Saturday May 14th, 2021
10am – 3pm

Teen Division Tournament

Saturday, May 26th, 2021
11pm – 5pm

League Fundraiser

Thursday, June 26th, 2021
5pm – 7pm

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Youth Tournament





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